Can I get customized labia and nipples?

Yes, we are able to do customized genitalia and nipples on any doll. The costs for special projects vary depending on your needs. There is no upcharge for custom colored nipples or labia and we are able to match very closely to photographs if you have special requirements. Repair kits will not match the custom colors, however.

I can’t quite picture what I want in terms of makeup styles. Can I supply a photograph, instead of detailing all of the makeup colors and options, etc.?

Yes, we are happy to match make up styles to photographs provided. We will do our best to provide assistance in selecting appropriate wig styles and colors, eye colors and skin tones.

Can I get a custom skin tone for my doll?

Yes, we are able to do custom skin tones aside from our 6 standard natural tones. Pricing on specialty skin tones depends on your needs. If you order a custom colored doll, however, you should be aware that we will not be able to send you matched repair kits in the future.

Can I get hair patches (pubic or otherwise) to put on the doll myself?

We’re sorry, but additional hair patches are no longer available for purchase.

I would like a fantasy doll; can you make me one?

Yes! We have several standard fantasy options available already including custom skin tones, specialty and animal eyes, elf ears, a devil face, fangs etc. We also have the Anna Mae fantasy face designed to have a cartoon heroine look. Fantasy upgrades are priced depending on your requests. Please contact us for more information.

What special upgrades can I get with my doll?

If you wish to get upgrades for your doll you can order real hair eyebrows, handmade realistic eyes, human hair wigs, freckles, custom labia, enlarged breasts, enlarged nipples, specialty pubic hair, fantasy eyelashes and eyes, fangs, elf ears and more! All items are priced individually so check out our how to order page or contact us for more information.

Can I customize the look of my doll?

Dolls are all custom fabricated dolls. You can purchase a female doll by going to the Female Order Page and selecting the features for your doll. There are certain colors and features we don’t immediately offer, and we can sometimes handle unusual color requests. Custom requests are handled on a case by case basis. Typically these requests are generated by contacting us. If you have seen a doll on our website or somewhere else that you would like us to match, you can include photographs with your order.

Can I get a doll with chest hair, extra pubic hair or armpit hair?

Yes, we can put extra hair patches on a doll but typically we do not recommend it. Often the hair patches can rub off, especially in high friction areas such as under the arms.

What happens when “the honeymoon is over” and I feel that the doll is not for me and wish to return it?

Although we’d like to fully satisfy all our customers, our firm policy is: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, we highly recommend that you explore the myriad of options for altering your doll. You can change her clothing, swap her wig, apply certain kinds of cosmetics, and even change her head.

What qualifies as a “standard” doll?

Every doll is made to order but a standard doll is one made from any combination of face and body, eye color, wig style and color, pubic hair, nail color and make up from our standard selections. A non-standard doll would be one with specialty labia, realistic eyes or human hair wig. Anything that requires a special order is considered non-standard.

Can I have a doll made of a celebrity, model, or my ex-girlfriend?

We cannot legally do a likeness doll in an exact likeness of any person, celebrity or otherwise, without their explicit consent. If the person is deceased or fictional we would need consent from their trust or licensor. We can, however, use photographs of a person of your choice to select a face structure as similar as possible from our standard female faces. If we have a face with similar structure, we can match make up style, hair style and coloring to the person you are looking at and make a similar looking doll. We have done this with good success in the past. If we were to create a doll with a similar look from one of our standard face and body combinations, the price is the same as for any other standard doll. If you can get the consent of a person to be made into a doll, we would need him/her to come to a facility for 3D scanning. We could either do just the face, or complete face and body. The cost and time investments for entirely custom projects are very high and depend on your requirements.

Are tattoos available?

Tattoos can be applied by the customer using temporary tattoos available in many stores. We have also done custom tattoo work for special orders. These are priced based on complexity and level of artistry required. It is possible that the color can rub off over time with friction as the silicone is not intrinsically tinted in these processes. Please contact us for more information on tattoos, freckles, birthmarks or other applied detailing.

If I order a doll with pubic hair or other body hair, is it removable?

Although the hair can rub off with time, it is not removable as it is glued to the silicone skin of the doll. If you remove the pubic hair patch, there will always be “scarring” on the silicone.

Do you offer a transsexual doll?

Transsexual dolls are not available for now. However, we are trying to bring it online as fast as possible.

Do you offer custom breast sizes?

Dolls’ breasts are not separately attached; they are a seamless part of the entire body. We can do a breast enlargement, however, the breast enlargement will increase the breasts by one cup size. For example: a B-cup breast will become a C-cup breast. You can select this option on our orders page.

Can I pierce my doll’s ears, nipples, etc?

Yes. You can pierce dolls anywhere. You should always use a straight piece of jewelry rather than a curved bar for best results. Piercing holes will become permanent after a few days. When using earrings, do not use the earring backs.


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