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Can I send my doll back to you for repairs?

At this time we do not take dolls back into our facility due to health concerns for our employees. We are always available to give assistance through email and by phone as needed.

What happens if a finger wire pokes through on my doll?

If a fingerwire comes through the silicone fingertip, simply push it back inside the silicone. If you wish, you can patch the hole with our silicone repair kit or you can leave it as is. This is not a serious problem and can typically be avoided with careful positioning of the hands.

What is used to paint the dolls? Will it ever rub off?

The dolls’ silicone flesh is tinted with your choice of skin tone when your doll is cast in our molds. Details, such as lips, are painted with tinted silicone. Once applied, the tinted silicone actually becomes part of the doll’s skin. Under normal circumstances, it should never rub off. Prolonged “dry” rubbing of the painted areas may, however, begin to erode the paint. Should the nipple, lip or nail color ever begin to wear off you can order a repair kit from us. These repair kits are available on our accessories page.

What happens if my doll breaks?

Dolls are very sturdy, but not meant to sustain extremely violent abuse. If a joint breaks, please contact us to purchase replacement parts and receive instructions on how best to complete the repair. In the unlikely event of a tear in the silicone flesh, you can easily repair the damage yourself with commercial grade silicone caulking, found at your local hardware store. Step by step instructions for such repair are included with your doll. We also offer full technical support on any repair you may have to perform as well as a selection of repair kits including a color repair kit for nipples, lips and nails, and a silicone repair kit as well as labia replacement kits.

Do dolls come with a warranty?

ErosPresent offers a limited 30-day warranty on the skeleton parts on the dolls. If these parts fail due to a manufacture flaw, we will send a replacement part with instructions. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns. However, we stand behind our product and do whatever we can to satisfy our customers.


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