The documentary "Adult Products Business: “Me and Real Doll”, experience the complex real dolls industry

on July 23, 2021

Channel 5 of British TV broadcasted a documentary called "Adult Product Business: Me and Real Dolls", the lens focused on a woman named Jed Stanley, as a mother of four children, the documentary narrated her extraordinary business philosophy.

Before setting foot in this industry, Jade ran a small company. After reading a report about the real dolls experience museum inadvertently, she became very interested in this particular industry. In the following year, a real dolls company she ran boomed, importing professional real dolls from abroad, doing sales on the one hand, and renting on the other.

lot of maintenance and maintenance methods, which consume a lot of time and money, but the profits are extremely meager. Jade said: "This is a very complicated matter, and these rented real dolls are generally not sent back intact."


In order to ensure the entire cleaning process and the degree of hygiene, the real dolls developed by Jade have a lot of disposable accessories, which can reduce the discomfort of cleaning. She said: "These real dolls are very safe. Their accessories are embedded, just like they are placed in a cylinder. You can choose to clean them or throw them away. It depends on the cost and what you get profit."



However, Jade’s current main business is to customize real dolls according to the specific requirements of customers. "Customers who request customization are diverse. I have received all kinds of strange requests. There are celebrities, anime characters, dead partners, and even Michael Myers (the butcher character in the game "Death by Daylight"). People, this is a bit too weird for me," Jed said with a frown and a smile.


Singles, people interested in fantasy characters, and married partners make up her main clientele. This documentary also interviewed some customers who bought real dolls, from "Anna" who was the first to buy real dolls in Finland to "Dol", a senior user of the doll circle. What the latter said in the interview caused a lot of controversy. Said: "I am a 62-year-old woman with very limited time. It is not its fault... But I will not do anything to harm Real dolls, and I will not be afraid of real dolls."


"You can treat real dolls gently or rough. In any case, Real dolls belong to you and accompany you. This is a very unforgettable and satisfying experience."


The film also visited a man they called "Chris". He lived with three real dolls. He insisted that nothing happened with the real dolls because the real dolls could not express their opinions.

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