Daily maintenance of sex dolls

on July 23, 2021

Farewell and death are always the most sad things, whether it is a friend, a partner, or even a physical doll. But unlike people dying from diseases and other untimely causes, the "death" of sex dolls is controllable.


Sex dolls are of great significance to some people, so before owning, protecting and relying on sex dolls, they will want to know the life expectancy of the sex dolls.But before discussing this, it is necessary to know that, like other aspects of life, a well-maintained live sex dolls is more likely to be kept for longer than a randomly discarded sex dolls. Therefore, although there is no way to tell the life span of sex dolls, there are many factors at play.

How to clean sex dolls

Don't believe others' immature treatment methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline, and remember not to use wet wipes. Wet wipes contain alcohol.Use clean water for normal cleaning and add shower gel. What to do if the dirty things can't go, use olive oil, or other oil, and pour it on the cotton pad. Except for sex dolls for large areas of dyeing, and for very serious ones, decoloration cream can be used. Others are not recommended.


How to care for the wig of a sex dolls


If you buy sex dolls, you need to know a little bit of common sense. Sex dolls need to be taken care of.The same is true for the hair. If it is troublesome, tie it up and wash the wig twice a month.It's the same as washing your hair, but don't rub it in circular motions, just lightly rub it. Do you want to make your wig better? Then use conditioner. After washing, add water and conditioner and mix well, soak, yes, soak for half an hour, take it out, and let it air dry.If you are really lazy, you can tie your braids and ponytails. Don't say that you can't make it every time, because there are many excuses. In fact, you will find it not that difficult to deal with. Take care of her like a girlfriend.

How to deal with sex dolls dyeing


If you are afraid of dyeing, I will advise you not to buy dark clothes. If you really want to buy it, okay at least buy an expensive one, and stop buying a cheaper one, okay?If you still buy cheap clothes, at least you wash the clothes before wearing them. Washing your sex dolls once more will reduce the chance of dyeing a lot. Then apply talcum powder to the sex dolls before putting on the clothes!Talcum powder is a normal maintenance item. When the manufacturer can't solve the problem of oil output and hand feeling, if you use more powder, you will have unexpected surprises.If the sex dolls is dyed, don’t be afraid. Use oily makeup liquid to absorb the light dye. Don’t ask anything, the chemistry teacher will tell you, it’s not serious. The doll will volatilize when you leave it on. Seriously, buy decoloration cream and apply it for 24 hours, but it will be corrosive and generally not recommended.

How to clean the vagina of sex dolls

There are vaginal cleaners as gifts. In fact, sex dolls can be used on both the mouth and the anus. They are cheap but very convenient.When you see something, you can use it, just like a water-absorbent pen, absorbing water, spraying water, absorbing water, spraying water. . . .There will be residues, simply, let the sex dolls sit and the water will come out naturally, or you can take a hair dryer and blow it down.After a long time, you can occasionally use Fuyanjie or something, not for sex dolls, but for yourself, which has a disinfecting effect.Cleanliness can be used more, but remember to use herbal neutral.Cleanliness can be used more, but remember to use herbal neutral.The mouth is the same as the vagina, but you have to twist it off and wash it. Of course, you can wash it directly when you take a bath. Mouth can be kissed, but comrades with bad breath, remember to wash after the kiss. Don't ask why I know so much, the lesson of blood and tears.


How to make up sex dolls


You can use either olive oil or make-up remover. All-purpose olive oil is very practical. You can prepare one if you have sex dolls.But for the unskilled nerds, don’t wash their eyebrows easily, because there are really few people who can continue to draw their eyebrows well.At the beginning, it is recommended to use lip gloss or something. In the middle period, it can come to the eyes, eyelashes, etc.Including eyeballs, you can buy different and replaceable ones, and the overall effect will change all at once.Don’t talk about wigs, but buy a better quality, light-colored one.Don't envy other people's sex dolls, they are all taken care of, otherwise the best sex dolls will become sloppy and ugly. It was very difficult at first, and I will enjoy it when I am familiar with it.If you really don’t know how to apply makeup to sex dolls, you can search for information on the Internet. There are various makeup tutorials, so take your time. But don't learn all of them, because sex dolls are softer than BJD hollow, so don't choose color lead, ordinary cosmetics are just fine.

Precautions for sex dolls SM


Let's not say whether this is correct or not, just a suggestion for friends with alternative preferences.The skeleton of sex dolls is not omnipotent at present, that is to say, ask clearly about the range of motion,You can pinch and scratch, but please remember to cut your nails. If you leave a mark, you can solve it. If it is a wound, it will not be good.And if you need a super experience, brother, then you can operate through the clothes, tearing, and it will rebound by leaving the nail print.f you have a silica gel, then I suggest you don't use too much force, because silica gel usually has no resilience, the scars are irreversible, and the nail marks will not disappear. It will be sad.


How to store sex dolls

 When putting sex dolls in the storage box,Please remember to wrap it in a blanket when you put it out, otherwise it will be sad if there is a bump.Secondly, no matter how good the hidden sex dolls artifact is, it is important to take care of the interval time. This is very important. The light color is not easy to dye, but if the sex dolls produce a lot of oil, they will automatically absorb the color.Third, if you put it in the closet, it’s okay, But remember not to keep a posture all the time,but to move around, otherwise the joints are easily broken and deformed.

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This guide aims to ensure that beginners and first-time buyers who are not familiar with the sex doll market can use the doll correctly and avoid harm to the doll.

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