Analyze the inner world of lust doll and men living alone

on June 25, 2021

There is a saying that some people who live alone for a long time will buy expensive and realistic lust doll so that they will not have a strong sense of loneliness.

Globally, every year, countless men leave their wives and family members to go out to work, every weekend or holiday, or even less time to go home.

When the night fell in the city, loneliness also followed.

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Many people feel that they need someone to accompany. This part of the lonely group is not going to spend a lot of time and indulge in sensuality, but spend money to buy a lust doll, which is made of soft rubber material and feels like real skin. Adjustable metal joints, detachable heads, and some even have beautiful sounds.

 A twenty-nine years old seaman who claimed to be John Wilson bought a big ass sex doll for 2,200 US dollars. He has been married for more than ten years, and he missed his wife and children very much during the days of wandering on the sea. He said: This big ass sex doll is just like his wife, with a plump ass. This big ass sex doll is satisfied to meet his psychological and physical needs.

In an online interview, he said: "To be honest, there are other ways to meet my physical needs in the days on the ship, but I just can't bear to betray my wife, so I have never considered this issue."


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 Jim Green is a  fourty-eight years old man living alone. Five years ago, his wife died of illness. He loved his wife very much and did not want to find another woman because he had been missing his wife.

In the first two years of his wife’s death, his physical and psychological suffering and loneliness made him almost collapsed. As a result, he suffered from severe depression. By chance, a friend recommended him to love lust doll. After the first attempt, he was unable to Since extrication, since then, the whole person has changed, and the physical condition has gradually improved, and he is full of hope for the future life.

He said: "This lust doll is his wife's stand-in, giving him hope of life, this doll is his spiritual sustenance, he will live well, for his wife and his lust doll"


lust doll  big ass sex doll

After listening to the two true stories above, the editor couldn’t help feeling that “people need love most when they are loneliest”. At this moment, if you are also in the trough of life, or if you are alone in the loneliness of life. , Then buy a lust doll. This is not a shame. I recommend you go to  to buy. Every doll in this shop is a gift from God.

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