Twenty-eight common questions and answers for sex doll (part two)

on September 17, 2021

Question fifteen: Will the wig dye the sex doll's head?

 Answer: It is possible. When sex doll is shipped, the manufacturer will deliver the wig, which is generally tested by the manufacturer and will not be dyed. It is recommended to buy a sex doll at a shop or a more well-known wig shop. It is guaranteed. Pay attention to inferior wigs that are too cheap.


Question sixteen: How often do you give sex doll talcum powder?

Answer: There are two situations. One is not using it for a long time and putting it in the storage box. It is recommended to make powder once a month; the other is that if it is used, powder needs to be powdered every time. If the oil is too much, it will cause sex dolls. The small seams are glued together and damage the sex doll.

Question seventeen: How to wash sex doll's hair? Dry or blow dry after washing?

Answer: Put the fake foam of sex doll in water and shampoo slightly, rub it left and right, don't make a circular motion to avoid hair knotting; then rinse off the foam with clean water, and then soak it in a mixture of clean water and conditioner for half an hour. Drying is better, it will cause less damage to the hair. If you need to blow dry, blow half dry and then wait.


Question eighteen: Is it safe to use decolorizing cream after dyeing?

Answer: The decolorizing paste will be slightly corrosive to the sex doll. It is not recommended to use it for slight staining, just wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in water. If the staining is serious, it cannot be remedied before using the decolorizing paste.


Question nineteen: Is the color removing cream still effective for dyeing large areas of the thigh? To what extent can it be recovered?

Answer: It is effective. The degree of recovery varies according to the effect of the decolorizing paste of each factory. If the material of the sex doll is not damaged, a light stain may be left after use.


Question twenty: How long can the sex doll be used if it is well maintained?

Answer: The service life of TPE sex doll is about 3~5 years, while that of silicone sex doll can reach 4~8 years. Buying a sex doll made of fine materials and taking care of it can be extended for another 1 to 2 years.


Question twenty-one: Is it okay for the sex doll to be stressed in one place for a long time?

Answer: As mentioned in the previous part of the editor, the sex doll cannot maintain a position for a long time, otherwise the stress point will dent and deform. It can be 3~5 days or longer. Generally, do not change the position more than two weeks and lie on its side、lying flat and so on.


Question twenty-two: How to deal with the indentation on the sex doll?

Answer: The indentation that is not particularly serious can be beaten with hot water at about 70℃, or hot towel; for more serious indentation, you can use an electric soldering iron to add a small piece of material to repair and fill.

Question twenty-three: What should I do if the surface of the sex doll is dirty?

Answer: A small amount of ash can fall off by flicking it with a fluffy cloth; in addition, you can wipe the body with olive oil to allow the ash to adhere to the oil, and then rinse with talcum powder.


Question twenty-four: Are there any requirements for olive oil?

Answer: Be careful not to use edible olive oil. Generally, olive oil for skin care is used, which can make the sex doll's skin softer and have a fresh smell.


Question twenty-five: How to clean hidden places with detergent?

Answer: Mix the detergent and water at a ratio of 1:1, and then spray it with a syringe or the equipped sex doll cleaner.


Question twenty-six: Can sex doll stand?

Answer: The sex doll has a stand-up option, and three screws will be installed on the bottom of the sex doll's feet. However, because the sex doll is heavier, it is better to rely on it or buy a dedicated bracket for support.


Question twenty-seven: What should I do if the sex doll has a bent ankle and wrinkled skin?

Answer: The sex doll made of TPE material will be wrinkled or indented after a long period of unnatural twists or compression of the sex doll. This is normal and will automatically recover after a period of time (using hot water soaking, hot towel.Can shorten the recovery time).

Question twenty-eight: Can the waist of a sex doll bend?

Answer: The sex doll has a waist joint (it can be bent forward, not backward, and can be turned left and right). The joints of the new sex doll will be tighter. Bending method: press the shoulders on both sides to turn it; lay the sex doll flat, press the navel up with your foot or one hand, and then grab the shoulders and lift it up to bend.

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