Twenty-eight common questions and answers for sex doll (part one)

on September 09, 2021

Question one: How many times do you wash dark clothes before you can wear them to sex doll? How long can it be left unstained?

Answer: After the washing powder is mixed with water, let the black clothes stand for 5 to 15 minutes to observe whether the water changes color. You can take a separate body for a dyeing test. Generally, the water will not be dyed until the water no longer has any color. Specifically, it is related to the quality of the clothes. Low-priced clothes generally need to be watered 7-8 times before they will not fade at all.


Question two: Will white clothes dye the sex doll?

Answer: The white ones will not be dyed, the colored ones will be dyed, and the general colored clothes will only be dyed on the body when the body is hot and oily.



Question three: Is the sex doll easy to dye?

Answer: It is related to the material formula of sex doll and clothes. At present, the material formula of sex doll on the market is relatively transparent. It is not a key factor. Generally, it depends on the clothes. It is okay if the clothes are not dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-dyeing primer or light-colored clothes.


Question four: Regarding the dyeing of the dark clothes of sex doll?

Answer: It is recommended not to wear dark clothes for a long time. The sex doll can be naked. It is safer to prepare white underwear.


Question five: Can I wear clothes for a long time after wearing the bottoming shirt? Can I wear it for a long time if the color does not fade after washing?

Answer: To be on the safe side, wipe the clothes vigorously with a warm white damp cloth after you buy them. As long as there is a little color, you should wash them before you wear them or you can't wear them for a long time. If the bottoming shirt is worn, it will be no problem if it can cover the whole body of the sex doll. But there is still a risk, because the knees and other parts will often rub when the sex doll is moved, and it is easy to stain due to heat.


Question six: How to care for wigs?

Answer: The quality of wigs varies greatly according to the price and material. Therefore, you can buy a neutral or alkaline shampoo to make the wig more durable and prevent the residue from damaging the sex doll's head. Secondly, after washing, you can apply conditioner to make the wig softer.


Question seven: How to make talcum powder for sex doll?

Answer: Use a puff made of plush material and swat evenly all over the body. After powdering, lay flat on a blanket or bed sheet for about 10 minutes before packing.


Question eight: What are the appropriate cosmetics to buy?

Answer: Because the material of sex doll is mainly silica gel and TPE, it can be classified as oily skin. There are no special cosmetics for sex doll on the market. Generally, alkaline cosmetics used by real people are selected, which have a certain effect of degreasing.


Question nine: Will the sex doll produce oil?

Answer: All sex dolls can produce oil. The oil output of silicone is very small, and the relative price is also high; the oil output of TPE material will be large, but it can be effectively controlled according to the manufacturer's formula. In general, playing fans frequently is an essential skill for every sex doll enthusiast.


Question ten: Do you need to change the placement of sex doll frequently?

Answer: In addition to lying flat, the placement action needs to be changed regularly. Maintaining a posture for a long time will deform a certain stress point. Occasionally, you can move the sex doll to sit back and forth, swing your limbs, and change postures. Pay attention to the hips and thighs, which are the stress areas of most postures.


Question eleven: How can I prevent deformation when I can’t change my posture on the sofa?

Answer: You can try to buy a soft cushion to put on the sex doll, which can delay the deformation to a certain extent. It is recommended that you change your posture regularly.


Question twelve: Can it be put in the suitcase?

Answer: Except for the split model, which can be placed in the suitcase, it is not recommended to put the one-piece sex doll. Letting the sex doll curl up for a long time will accelerate the damage and shorten the lifespan.


Question thirteen: Will there be water in the sex doll?

Answer: TPE is a porous material, it may retain some water when cleaning, just need to air dry in time to clean; while silica gel does not have to worry about water ingress. However, it should be noted that no water can enter the neck regardless of TPE or silicone, because there is a metal skeleton inside, and water stains may corrode the metal and cause rust.


Question fourteen: How to move the sex doll?

Answer: It is best to put the sex doll on a chair with wheels to move it, it can avoid injury or fall to it. Of course, you can also hug or carry on your back, but pay special attention not to scratch the sex doll. In addition, some auxiliary tools or pillows can be used to fix the posture of the sex doll. When pulling the joints, fix them on both ends of the corresponding joints with both hands, and then move them slowly, and don't twist the joints unconventionally. Also pay attention to avoid rough pulling to avoid joint damage.

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